(Rainy) Day 1: Many, many zombies encountered (Update 0.9.7e)

Hello survivors,

a week has passed since our STEAM realease and we have not been idle. The new version 0.9.7e is now available. We've made major changes to the game, triggered by feedback and Lets Plays. 

The primary complaint was that the survivors were not fighting actively and cleverly enough. But we also noticed that the start of our game was not engaging enough. We have now taken the first steps to resolve these problems.

Survivor now fight against only one target
Previously, the Survivor melee attacks were carried out against all in enemies in a range. That looked strange and didn't feel right. With the new changes, survivors face zombies 1on1 and fight their way through hordes one after another. The zombies got the same change to maintain the balance.

Furthermore, the ranged combat behavior was optimized, so that the survivors are much more willing to fight (especially against groups of zombies).

Zombies, we need more zombies.
In the previous version, the map always felt a little empty. In later days there was a bit more going on, but especially the early game was a bit boring. 

Now we have drastically increased the number of active zombies. In addition, we have rebalanced the game so that most of the zombies are very weak and can be killed very easily. Now fighting the masses feels great! But be careful: they are still deadly in large groups. As the days continue to advance, opponents with new special abilites and stronger then ever appear, beware!

New special abilities
We added two new useful special abilites.

Time Stop Take the stress out of a day, get an overview and optimize the current state of the game (e. g. give all weapons and heal them). 
All this by stopping the time for a few moments.

Loot Scan Lots of lootable parts are not always clearly visible in the hustle and bustle. 
In this case, you can activate the Loot Scan to quickly highlight and collect all the loot around.

Weather system
We plan to visually polish the game a bit over the next few weeks. 
A first step for atmosphere is a weather system, which (currently) randomly activates a weather. 
Currently we have implemented two weather types, see for yourself.

Rain storm


Lootable environment
Until now, scrap and parts could only be collected openly from the street. 

But now some of them are also hiding in cars and garbage cans. Keep your eyes open!

We think the game has improved a lot and is now much more enjoyable. We hope you like it too, let us know your opinion. We need your feedback!

Now have fun with the new version!

Your Deadly Days Team

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