Apocalypse Day 4: Fixing holes in the fence (Update

Hi survivors,

today we just release a minor patch, but be assured that we have big changes on our roadmap but we still need some planning for that.


  • Added: Information about abilities are now also display when you hover over the respective toggles
  • Re-balanced: Medikit Drop now costs the same as single survivor healing but is a bit weaker. Use it to cover areas where you don't constantly have an eye on.
  • Re-balanced: We reduced the cost for RPG. It costs the same as sniper now. Especially useful against bosses.
  • Re-balanced: Double the drop rate of crowbars.
  • Re-balanced: The truck from the convoy event got a small heal boost at the beginning so you have time to defend it.
  • Fixed: Keyboard controls can't activate locked abilities anymore.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the points feedback (when killing zombies) had the wrong icon.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback! BUT we are eagerly waiting for even more feedback :) 

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- Your Deadly Days Team


pixelsplit-games-deadly-days-itch-io-linux-master-20.zip 88 MB
Feb 02, 2018
pixelsplit-games-deadly-days-mac-master-18.zip 86 MB
Feb 02, 2018
pixelsplit-games-deadly-days-itch-io-windows-master-22.zip 63 MB
Feb 02, 2018

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