New world, new mechanic (teleportals)! [Version 1.1.2]


we just released a new major update!

Discover the new mechanic of teleportals! These aren’t the portals to complete the level, but they will help you get there. Going through one of these teleportals will take you to the corresponding exit of the same color. Your speed and direction will remain the same, so pay attention to where you are going!

1.1.2 Patch notes:

  • Added a new 6th world (Pink planet) with new portal mechanics.
  • Added a “Best time” popup to levels that you have already beaten, also viewable by pausing.
  • Improved ingame button usability for keyboard/controller input.
  • Updated application icon.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could pause while in a transition screen.
  • Some slight performance improvements.

We hope you enjoy it! We'd appreciate any review for the game :)


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